Sundays & Special Events

Our FUMC KIDS have a blast from PreK 3 to 5th grade! We have so much for your little one to get involved in.


SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sundays at 9:30am

Our Elementary age kids have a blast during Sunday School with a fun Bible lesson and activity. We use the Orange Curriculum so there is a fun video each week about the Bible story and an activity to emphasis the lessons of Jesus. Orange believes that there are multiple influences in your child's life so the church (yellow) and the home (red) should blend (orange) and help each other teach our children about Jesus Christ and life. Each week there is also take home questions that you can use through out the week with your child so they can learn more about the bible lesson and it can create family time, even if it is just discussing the questions in the car on the way to school or soccer practice.

PreK 3 & PreK 4 - Room 105 - Yellow Room

K - 2nd Grade - Room 103 - Green Room

3rd - 5th - Room 208 - Upstairs




Vacation Bible School - TBA

This fun week during the summer is full of learning Bible stories, crafts, games, music, giggles, and more. Your child will not want to miss this event!


Other special events include Happy Birthday Jesus, Family Worship Time, Easter Egg Hunts, etc.


Make sure you join the FUMC Kids - Natchitoches Facebook group for virtual lessons, posts, and announcements.