Ways to Serve

Where would you like to serve?

There are so many service opportunities within the church and beyond.

    Our mission statement reminds us to share Jesus Christ’s love to make disciples and transform the world.  We serve because God is not going to ask how much we know, but how much we are like Christ, and who we are bringing with us.  We encourage all ages to serve by volunteering in the church and engaging in missions. Children, students, and adults are encouraged to help others, both those within our church community and those beyond. 

     We are reminded that though we are one body, we are made up of many different members.  Each member is graced with his/her own gifts.  As such, service may take many different forms.  In this bulletin you can find a place to serve for just about every personality.  Sunday mornings offer opportunities for those with a heart for children to work with Sunday School, those with a heart for worship to plug into either the traditional or contemporary service,  those with a heart for food to provide hospitality, and so much more.  Throughout the week there are opportunities to work with children, youth, and others.  Throughout the year there are opportunities to serve those in need both here in Natchitoches and beyond.

     At First United Methodist Church, Natchitoches, we believe that all Christians are called to be “ministers.”  Every Christian has a special gift or ability that can be used to serve others.  Read through this booklet, pray about what God is leading you to do, and select one or more ministry areas in which you may be interested.  You will find the full list in the attached PDF below. After you have found what your interested in fill out the below form with your name, email, and list the areas you are interested in and then hit "Send."

     Perhaps you want to serve, but you’re not quite sure which area you would best serve.  In this case, we would highly recommend that you submit the form below and indicate you would like to talk to someone in the office about the different opportunities.

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