All activities are postponed.

Please join us in prayer for those who are fighting COVID-19 - the ill, doctors, nurses, and the front line.


9:30 - 10:30 A.M.


We offer a wide range of classes on Sunday morning and we are sure there is a class for you!


For more information about Sunday School contact the church office.



Toddlers - 2 Year Olds

Room 102 Nursery - Ms. Leah & NSU Helpers

Preschool - PreK 3 & 4

Room 105 - Ms. Sherrie & Ms. Terri

Elementary - K - 2nd Grade

Room 104

PreTeen - 3rd - 5th Grade

Room 101

Each group of kids participate in age appropriate worship, activities, and Bible lessons each Sunday so that they can get the most out of the lesson as possible.


6th-12th Grade - Room 209

Your junior high or high schooler doesn't need another lecture on Sunday mornings - they get enough of that at school. That is why we focus the Sunday morning youth experience on small group discussions. They have their own Sunday School time in room 210 featuring in-depth discussion about different Bible stories and verses and there application to everyday life.


Room 201

Fisherwomen class is a Sunday School class of all women! This group enjoys fellowship and Bible study every Sunday morning at 9:45 A.M. in Room 201. This group of fun and mission oreiented group is a great Sunday School class for any woman in the church.


Room 104 - Parlor

The FEARLESS class is currently reflecting on the Gospel of John, chapter by chapter.  C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity is in the works.  Linda Clark facilitates, with other class members often filling in.  This group loves to discuss everything, shares our joys and concerns, and takes care of each other.  Singles, marrieds, young and older, all attend.  If you think you don't fit into other groups, you will fit into ours, and be welcomed!  We like to get together, eat, play games, and are having our delayed Christmas party (or early?) the end of August.  Call Linda Clark (318-663-8898) or Mary Fosson (318-356-0992) for more information.

So come check us out – the great fellowship continues!  All ages, married or singles, welcome!



Room 203

When the Apostle Paul came to town of Berea in Macedonia on his second missionary trip, Apostle Luke records: “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Acts 17:11. The Bereans have long been seen as a positive example of how a person or community should respond to biblical teaching. We are called to eagerly learn from God’s Word and, no matter who the teacher is, to investigate new teaching in comparison with the Bible. The practice of the ancient Bereans is a model for all who desire to grow spiritually today.

We aspire to understand the scripture at a deeper level. We believe that the 66 books are a single message system; every book, every name, every detail is there by design. We try to recreate the historical setting in which the Scripture was written, we examine the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words, and then try to understand each verse at a time. We have just completed a series on the prophetic books of the Bible: Ecclesiastes, Ruth, Esther, Daniel, and Revelation. We will now begin a study on the Gospel of John, the mystical and spiritual interpretation of Jesus' life.

We study books of the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and word by word. Anyone who seeks to understand how to read and interpret the Bible would benefit from this class. Come join us, who knows where we may go to next! Dr. Maurice Morelock is the leader and for or more information, call him at 318-652-6684 or email him at

50/50 CLASS

Room 205

You should never stop working to deepen your relationship with God - there is always something new and wondrous to discover about our Creator. That is why we offer this special senior adult couples class that uses the International Lessons series and current studies by well-known Christian authors. For more information about getting involved, contact  Evelyn Evans at 318-352-8750.


Room 202

We are definately on a journey, searching for joy in our everyday walk with God. We are presently using video lessons followed by great conversation and sharing of life experiences that give encouragment and positive ways to deal with everyday challenges. We are predominantly a couples class ages through mid-40's. For more information about getting involved, contact Nancy Peace at or 318-357-8296.


Room 207

Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere


The prupose of the COFFEE Club Young Adult Ministry is to know Jesus Christ and make Him Known! To be the image of Christ more and more everyday and to shine his likeness where ever we go and in all we do to bring glory ot his name as we grow deeper in our faith and offer forgiveness for everyone everywhere just as Christ has forgiven us.


This class is for 18-30ish year olds and is led by Kelly Krouse, Cindy McQueen, and Judith Covington.