Sundays @ 9:30am

We have a Sunday school Class for EVERYONE! Below you will find our list of Sunday School classes with a short description of each class. The descriptions are to help you find a class you would like to try but the best way to find out if the class is for you is by trying it out. Feel free to join any class any Sunday morning to see where you feel at home.

0 - 4 Year Olds

Your little one will love our nursery on Sunday mornings (and during special events). Our nursery workers always have fun games, lessons, and movies to keep your little one entertained and learning. The nursery is open from 8:15am till after the 10:45am service so if your little one wants to play while you attend worship they can have a blast. The nursery is located in Room 102.

PreK 3 - 5th Grade

Our Elementary age kids have a blast during Sunday School with a fun Bible lesson and activity. We use the Orange Curriculum so there is a fun video each week about the Bible story and an activity to emphasis the lessons of Jesus. Orange believes that there are multiple influences in your child's life so the church (yellow) and the home (red) should blend (orange) and help each other teach our children about Jesus Christ and life. Each week there is also take home questions that you can use through out the week with your child so they can learn more about the bible lesson and, it can create family time, even if it is just discussing the questions in the car on the way to school or soccer practice.


PreK 3 & PreK 4 - Room 105 - Yellow Room

K - 2nd Grade - Room 103 - Green Room

3rd - 5th Team 3:16 - Room 208 - Upstairs

Youth - 6th - 12th Grade

Being a teenager is difficult from figuring out who you are to finding your group of friends and navigating life at school, home, and social media. Your teenager will enjoy Sunday mornings with Ms. Kimmi, Molly (one of our Youth interns) or Mr. Steve as they use Bible lessons and figure out how to apply them to their daily life. The youth meet in Room 209.

Adult Classes

Fearless - Room 104

This group loves to discuss everything, shares their joys and concerns, and takes care of each other. The class includes adults of all ages, singles, and couples. 

Fisherwomen - Room 201

Fisherwomen class is a ladies only class! This group enjoys fellowship and bible study. This group of fun and mission oriented women is a great class for any woman in the church.

50-50 - Room 205

You should never stop working to deepen your relationship with God - there is always something new and wondrous to discover about our Creator. That is why we offer this special senior adult class that uses the International Lessons series and current studies by well-known Christian authors.

Faith Over Fear - Room 211 

Faith Over Fear is for couples and singles from young adults to seasoned Sunday School goers.  In our class, we will read and learn scripture.  We will pray for each other, discuss our experiences, and give one another hope and encouragement to go out into the world spreading the light of Jesus Christ.

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